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Temporary message: Due to COVID-19, I am currently not accepting new, paying clients. All efforts are directed towards my current clients and coronavirus-related initiatives. There is scope to offer my skillset for free to small/independent businesses that, without an online presence, would collapse due to the effects of the virus. If you think any of the above apply to you, please do not hesitate to email me. Let's get through this together!


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We are very pleased with your support and would like to thank you for your input that has contributed to [our son's] progress.

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An independent and enthusiastic worker with experience in Web Design and IT Support, Hospitality and Catering, and Private Education (Tutoring).

  • Full name: Reece W. Hill
  • Occupation: Freelancer, Tutor, Entrepreneur, Medical Student
  • Website: www.reecehill.me
  • Email: Send me an email to this address, or by using the form below

Skills and Experience

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More of my experience.

My experience is varied and spans across many sectors - here's a snippet!

Work Experience

Entrepreneur/Website designer

~8 years

Setting up and running an online business

At the age of fifteen I decided to monetise my hobby of gaming. By independently learning all necessary code, I managed to create a well-performing website that allowed people to customise their gaming controllers: red tiger print cases, buttons that looked like bullets, glow in the dark thumbsticks, you name it - I did it. I later sold the business to a competitor so I could move on to my next endeavour - medical school.

Hospitality & Catering

~1 and a half years

Café & Restaurant/Hotel

Having spent many days in this industry, I can admit - they're long! Continuing to serve with a smile as I encroached my 12th or 13th hour into the shift was a skill that I mastered. It was the working with people that interested me and I definitely have some great stories to tell because of this!

Private Tutor

~7 years

Teaching Maths to GCSE, and Biology & Chemistry to A-Level

I quite enjoy passing on knowledge, particularly on a one-to-one basis. My lessons are always geared towards stretching the student beyond their potential, whatever that may be. Unfortunately, tutors are the mediators between the demanding parents and their children, so it's quite important that I get the balance right to avoid tutees becoming disinterested! Work hard, play harder.

Clinical Associate

2 months

Taking COVID-19 Samples & Contacting Doctors

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I was employed by carehomes to take virus swabs of service users and staff. I also monitored their health status (temperature, blood pressure etc.) and helped the non-medical staff understand the jargon that doctors used in their notes too!



10 Qualifications

Secondary School

The time I spent at school is unarguably one of my best childhood memories, they really weren't lying when they said "school is the best time of your life".


4 Qualifications

Sixth Form College

I studied the combination of A-Levels that everyone cringes at when they hear: Biology, Chemistry and Maths (with AS French too. I know).

Undergraduate Degree

In progress

Medical School - University

Studying Medicine & Surgery (MBBS). There may be scope to add an extra year on to my studies, allowing me to attain a Masters (MSc) in addition to my MBBS. This is known as intercalation and is something that I am considering.

Foundation Years (Junior Doctor)

Awaiting (2022/23)

NHS Hospitals

Completing Foundation Years 1 and 2 in a north-east hospital, gaining exciting experience as a junior doctor.


Scientific Papers & Literature

In progress

Research: Psychiatry

Currently, I'm "contributing to Science" by being involved in a research project (or two). There's potential to get my name in print but it's a long process. Check back again soon...


Check Out Some Of My Websites

I'm currently on the look out for opportunities to bulk out my portfolio. I can install a website for you for free on my hosting servers, even setting up WordPress for you. If you're interested, just email me.

An affordable web designer

My services are best suited for small to medium-sized businesses who are after a great hourly rate. If you're interested in what I can do for you, just ask for a quote.


What Can I Do For You?

I won't exaggerate my skills to claim that I know all there is about website design or development. Instead, I'll tell you that I've got the experience - I know what is required (and then some) and have established many successful websites because of this.

Get a page like this, your own online CV

Improve your career and get a personal website

I've received many compliments about this webpage from both friends and employers. The job market is competitive but all it takes is something to make you memorable. Contact me today and we can create a website to let you show off!

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