Who am I?

I used to get into so much trouble at school for talking so much, challenging teachers and always having something to say. While I understand that what I had to say then was probably nonsense, the seeds were planted from a young age. I was also very free as a child, would wear what I wanted and wouldn't care what others had to say about it, al I cared about was whether if it honored my conscience and God. Any person from my high-school and primary school experiences will tell you of the days I would wear a suit to our own-clothes-days, and I did it because that was me, that was how I felt most comfortable and couldn't care less what the trends were, I still don't. I want to help people, but help them with truth, I want to spread a message of love, hope, understanding, wisdom, and happiness, all of which are pivotal to my Christian faith.

Here's the deal, I understand that people are different and nobody is perfect, and I also understand that I will not agree with everyone on everything, but that's okay. It's so easy to focus on the differences between us, which are important, but when we talk about it we will end up realizing that we have more in common than not. We all cry, love, laugh, need company, feel depressed, and these things make us human, make us able to relate to each other and speak to one another. In my music I like to address these areas so that anyone who is human can listen and relate to my music, from there we can use the love gained through this understanding to break barriers, and open conversations so that we can talk about how/ or who we relate our experiences too. For me, it's God, for you it may not be anything, but we'll never get to a point where we understand, talk to each other, or even disagree in a loving way if all we do is distance ourselves from one another, the only way we can make a real change, and bring people together is to break barriers and open conversations. My music isn't just for Christians i wouldn't be okay with myself if it was, and that's my message.